Paleo Salad Dressing Recipes

Paleo salad dressing recipes are extremely popular today. The internet is full with so many salad recipes of this kind. There are so many positive reviews and testimonials on numerous online forums and discussion boards favoring the Paleo salad dressing recipes.

paleo-saladIn fact, salads make a good portion of the Paleo diet since a person needs to balance the meal with a lot of fresh greens. Paleo salad dressings on can make the salads in the Paleo diet taste better.

Anything on store shelves is going to be a no-go since food manufacturer’s cannot make any dressing without adding additives and preservatives to it. This is where the Paleo salad dressings score highly. Here are some of the popular Paleo salad dressing recipes for you.

Chive and Hemp Oil Salad Dressing – This is a great dressing for anyone who wants a simple dressing with hemp oil. The dressing combines hemp and olive oil to give you a few different tastes. Stick to cold-pressed unrefined hemp oil since it was used from time immemorial. Add the chives, some honey and a bit of vinegar to sweeten things up. It will give a nice flavor to the dressing. Enjoy the salad dressing.